written to and for any fellow wanderer, flounder-er, seeker, explorer, disciple, sinner, screw-up, and friend.

life's too short.

life's too short.
too fragile.
make the call.
love.  say it out loud.
let it go.
the bitterness.
the hurt.
the unfairness.
the "But I... I..."
Death comes to all of us.
It just does.
And in the end,
It's just you and Him.
Not your stuff.
Your things.
You friends.
Your family.
Just you
Your heart
And Him.
Who will you be then.
And how...
How are you going to live your life now
With frustration, disappointment, and "it's not fair"
and "I'll do it my way" and "It's too hard"
With a conquering spirit.
A warrior's heart.
A mind, a body, a soul
Fitted with Truth.
Sured up with courage.
Sustained by Grace.
Bounded and united by Love.

Who will you be then
Who are you now
Who do you desire to be

Tomorrow isn't guaranteed
Neither is your next hour
For you
For me
For any of us

Life is too short.
Too fragile.
To hold on, imprisoned by the things
That slowly rot us
And blacken our hearts.

May we surrender all that we hold so dear
All those things that are not ours
Whether they be possessions,
self righteousness
our pride,
our relationships
our selfish gain
our need to succeed
our past hurts
May we lay it all down
Let it go
And remember that life is far too precious
To spend any time
On the things that slowly kill us
From the inside out

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