written to and for any fellow wanderer, flounder-er, seeker, explorer, disciple, sinner, screw-up, and friend.

I Praise You.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by Who You Are.
Not I was.
Or I will be.
But I AM.
Now. Present. In this moment. Right-this-very-second.


Tears flood my eyes and threaten to puddle out the corners.
I lift my face to the sky to keep the salt water in,
Because I want to look toward You through the filter of tear stained eyes;
Tears of gratitude. Tears of awe.

I don't understand this kind of Love.  Your Love.
It is just... beyond me.

All Glory.
All Honor.
All Praise to you.

In all the pain I have felt that so often made no sense. In all the wounds that left these scars.
I praise you.

In all my desert places. In all my mountain-top races.
I praise you.

In all this groaning for more of Heaven.
In all that has fallen,
As I stumble my way back to Eden.
I praise you.

In all this Joy that leads my feet to dancing
In all this Love and how you romance me
I praise you.

When I can't see you, when I don't hear you, when I don't feel you
I praise you.

In everything and with everything,
I praise you.


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